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* Merge branch 'master' of Linehan2013-12-237-72/+177
| * Added fifosJason Linehan2013-09-292-0/+157
| * Stopped some error messagesJason Linehan2013-09-297-72/+177
* | Missing files (?)Jason Linehan2013-12-232-0/+157
* | Binary heap improvements (thanks Brandon)Jason Linehan2013-12-235-304/+403
* Alterations to matrices againJason Linehan2013-05-203-106/+156
* Binary accidentally slipped inJason Linehan2013-05-121-0/+0
* Matrix abstract data type addedJason Linehan2013-05-125-35/+401
* wchar fileJason Linehan2013-05-056-7/+243
* New rotation functions for listJason Linehan2013-04-282-8/+58
* Merge branch 'master' of Linehan2013-04-283-3/+6
| * Some alterationsJason Linehan2013-04-285-5/+8
* | Remove menus and alter list behaviorJason Linehan2013-04-285-14/+9
* Heap changesJason Linehan2013-04-144-155/+211
* Fixes function name in list.cJason Linehan2013-04-131-1/+1
* List modificationsJason Linehan2013-04-132-21/+22
* Alterations and consolidationJason Linehan2013-04-075-106/+426
* Some file copying functionJason Linehan2013-03-283-1/+30
* textutils has gotten dirtyJason Linehan2013-03-265-97/+118
* tty fixes (kinda)Jason Linehan2013-03-243-24/+24
* Maybe some systems don't like missing curses.hJason Linehan2013-03-242-0/+2
* Improved shell macros, fixed bnfop bug.Jason Linehan2013-03-245-2/+47
* Added format macro (src/util/format.h)Jason Linehan2013-03-227-2/+157
* Worked out issues with util/info.cJason Linehan2013-03-204-29/+43
* Added info utilitiesJason Linehan2013-03-205-0/+153
* Fixed makefile again (shell.h included twice)Jason Linehan2013-03-021-2/+0
* Merge branch 'master' of Linehan2013-03-028-19/+292
| * New file watching function and tty helpersJason Linehan2013-03-028-20/+293
* | Fixed makefileJason Linehan2013-03-023-3/+41
* More modularity, added 'make utils' functionalityJason Linehan2013-02-2478-59/+93
* Fixed silly bug in bnfop.cJason Linehan2013-02-231-1/+1
* Shuts up most of the compiler warnings I was tooJason Linehan2013-02-236-11/+14
* Upgraded bnfop to support optional arguments, moreJason Linehan2013-02-231-42/+282
* Slight modificationsJason Linehan2013-02-153-3/+53
* Added a 256k limit macroJason Linehan2013-01-211-0/+5
* Some error handlingJason Linehan2013-01-204-3/+70
* Changes to debugging and other thingsJason Linehan2012-12-197-109/+190
* Alterations to debug (macros for controlling verbosity)Jason Linehan2012-12-162-7/+18
* Removed faulty btree stuffJason Linehan2012-12-164-1856/+2
* New math functions and random number generator.Jason Linehan2012-10-145-2/+277
* Added another string-combing function.Jason Linehan2012-10-142-1/+20
* Signals functions changedJason Linehan2012-10-102-17/+15
* List foreach loop changed.jlinehan2012-10-0817-10/+554
* Changes to list logic, timer functions.Jason Linehan2012-10-087-30/+176
* Refined linked list abstraction.Jason Linehan2012-10-077-430/+284
* Limits file.jlinehan2012-10-065-10/+47
* Able to do static or shared install now.Jason Linehan2012-10-045-80/+157
* Need thisJason Linehan2012-10-031-0/+77
* AlterationsJason Linehan2012-10-033-4/+3
* Minor reorganization.Jason Linehan2012-10-0221-217/+215